Friday, April 23, 2010


This is in Laguna beach up around a place called "Bluebird Canyon" Great place to walk and you can see the ocean from almost every yard or street.. You have million dollar estates all over the hills up here... Lots of new homes leaving a big footprint in this relatively small community. Mixed in there are houses that are form the forty's,on up.  I like the feeling of them, something homey about them.. This that I painted, with the electric and telephone poles is vanishing to the new, we call it progress, but am I wrong? don't you feel a bet of nostalgia in looking at this, a little innocents.. yeah!.. me to. Oil on canvas 30x30"

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Close-up of the sails...

This is looking south along the coast toward San Diego. Some brave soles where out sailing in now calm waters as the rains have finally stopped. I felt it would make for a good subject. This 40x20"oil is on custom canvas and is but another for the "LAGUNA ARTS FESTIVAL" this summer. I am really excited about this years show, for one, I feel confident in the paintings I will be displaying. Competition is high at the show, some of the top artist in the area are in. One has to be at the top of his or her game... You are vying for customer attention and you are vying for a high score that will allow you an invite to come back the fallowing year... I should know all about this as I have been a part of the jury system because of my long standing with this show.  If anyone is interested in seeing this show, email   (Back to Home page) (SOLD)