Friday, April 23, 2010


This is in Laguna beach up around a place called "Bluebird Canyon" Great place to walk and you can see the ocean from almost every yard or street.. You have million dollar estates all over the hills up here... Lots of new homes leaving a big footprint in this relatively small community. Mixed in there are houses that are form the forty's,on up.  I like the feeling of them, something homey about them.. This that I painted, with the electric and telephone poles is vanishing to the new, we call it progress, but am I wrong? don't you feel a bet of nostalgia in looking at this, a little innocents.. yeah!.. me to. Oil on canvas 30x30"

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  1. This is beautiful. De place to live.
    When driving South from Santa Monica, we always on side roads.We feels like tourists in our own state.
    What a nice piece.