Monday, March 8, 2010


This painting was a bit of a workout.  There were a lot of things to consider such as what do I paint first so I started with the sky.  I began with the sun and worked out from there moving to the left developing the yellows, oranges, reds, rusts and so on.  I then developed the tops of the trees and worked my way down the left side  and back across to the right with the shape of the foliage and back over to the sun.  Then came the foliage behind the tree trunks that I had not yet put in. I painted this part feeling  where the light might be coming in and through the trees.  I then brought the trunks down and began to develop  the mist and the shadows  until I was satisfied.  After that came the foreground of the dark grassy area and the shadows that moved across this part of the landscape.  Lots of drying time painting between wet and dry back and forth across the canvas.  Am I finished, lets just say yes, but I must leave it an open ended yes... you know what I mean.  This painting is 36x36.


  1. This realy is beautiful, the sinking sun reads perfectly.

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