Monday, March 8, 2010


After looking at this painting for over a month, I felt something was missing, this thought began to build inside my head and after a week of restlessness I had the enlightenment of what I was going to to. Back to the easel the painting went and the changes began... First the rake fallowed by the softball, the ever so familiar plastic chair on the right and the kitchenette in the other room.. Oh! yes...soft lace curtains...  There! I can now sleep..
This is the finished painting.  Below you can see the some of the progression but this here is complete.  It is primarily a black & white with shades of gray giving a hint of color in those tones.  The red bicycle is the only real color and to paint this without having it jump out at you there is an under color of dark gray softening the red.  The 36x36" painting is gallery and wrapped and painted on all sides.   For inquires And for more on my B&W paintings GoTo

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